Waste Audits

Waste to Resource Planning

Waste to Resource Planning


Waste reduction measures provide the

necessary efforts to ensure your coastal nation's unspoiled wildlife habitat and a welcoming atmosphere. 

To provide the best strategic waste reduction and zero waste plan, a waste audit should be conducted to provide baseline data and highlight specific area needs to focus on. 

A comprehensive waste audit should include audits on individual facility areas, programs, and infrastructure. 

Data from audits will be used to provide information on per capita waste tonnage, type of waste generated from specific industries or programs at each facility, and a comprehensive report that will include specific recommendations for improvement.

The waste audit report provides a list of alternatives with cost/benefit analysis, return on investment, timeline for implementation, and recommended performance plan. 

Waste to Resource Planning

Waste to Resource Planning

Waste to Resource Planning


The need for waste reduction and zero waste efforts is important for coastal communities and it is crucial for small coastal and island communities with little or no solid waste collection and disposal infrastructure. 

With over 15 years of solid waste infrastructure planning experience, we can help you strategically plan for a sustainable future.  

Let us help you turn your waste to resource with our collaborative process that brings all stakeholders to the table. 

We work with partners all over the world to ensure your success, with future generations in mind.  

We focus on circular based economy models, best management practices to reduce carbon footprint, and providing your coastal nation "resources" from what was formerly called "waste".

Marine Debris Management

Waste to Resource Planning

Marine Debris Management


Are you experiencing marine debris washing up on your shores?  We can help.  

Waste reduction and solid waste infrastructure planning is even more necessary for coastal areas that have marine debris washing ashore.

We track, map, document, and plan for managing debris that washes up on your shoreline.  

We include marine debris prevention, removal, and proper management for all our coastal communities.  

We understand that your coastal nation economy depends on a clean shoreline.  We understand that your solid waste management system and infrastructure did not account for the increasing amount of marine debris that you now need to manage.  We also help develop award winning volunteer based marine debris prevention and removal programs. 

What We Do

Design Zero Waste, Waste Reduction, and Marine Debris Programs.

Analyze Financial and Environmental Impacts.

Evaluate Current Programs and Infrastructure.

Provide Implementation Planning and Funding Finding Support.